The Camera Mount That Follows Your Movement

Pivo is an award-winning auto-tracking camera mount that helps you create stunning motion-tracked videos all by yourself. With 360° panning, intelligent motion tracking, and a host of professional quality video effects, Pivo makes creating videos fun & easy!

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It’s Like Having Your Very Own Camera Operator

Pivo automatically focuses your camera on you while you move around. The uses are endless!

Motion Tracking Made Easy

How It Works

Pivo brings your videos to life in ways you never thought possible!

Simply attach Pivo to your smartphone, and like magic, your camera will track your every move — it rotates a full 360 degrees and automatically zooms in and out as you get closer or further from the camera!

No need to hire a cameraman (or beg your friends for help)... Pivo does everything for you. Even better, you can easily customize the way Pivo works in the included Pivo App.

Pivo makes it easy to create stunning motion-tracked videos — all by yourself!


Pivo Unlocks Your Creativity — The Possibilities Are Endless!

Imagine a world where you can move around without skipping a beat while your camera films every moment… flawlessly. 

People use Pivo for all sorts of videos:

  • Cooking and instructional videos
  • Social media dances
  • Video conferences and Zoom calls
  • Sports and entertainment
  • And so much more!

With 360° panning, intelligent motion tracking, auto zoom and a suite of powerful apps, Pivo is the world's best auto tracking camera mount.

There's only one question — what will you make?


The Easy Way To Take Your Content To The Next Level

Tired of making boring, run-of-the-mill videos? Tap into your creative side with Pivo and create playful, engaging content — no editing expertise required! 

Pivo features plenty of exciting “Create Modes” that instantly liven up your videos, including: 

  • Many Me
  • Time Lapse
  • Magic Edge
  • Auto Pan
  • Clone Trail
  • Flash 
  • And more!

Pivo makes your videos more exciting — with just a few taps!


Strike A Pose! Pivo Makes Hands-Free Photos A Breeze

It’s time to say goodbye to selfies and begging friends to take your photo… because Pivo is also amazing for photo shoots!

Simply set up Pivo and it will automatically ensure you’re perfectly in frame as it snaps away. No more poor-quality photos from the selfie camera either… now you can use your phone’s rear-facing camera for better quality photos, all by yourself.

Just strike a pose, and let Pivo do the rest — it's like having your own photographer!

Pivo Makes Your Videos More Fun To Create And Watch!

Works With Instagram & TikTok

Enhance your favorite apps with Connect Mode! Pivo easily links to other apps on your phone — so now Instagram and TikTok can have Auto Tracking too.

Compatible With Any Tripod

Pivo was designed to work with any standard tripod, making it easier than ever to set your camera up wherever you need it. You can also set it on a desk or table without a tripod — so easy!

Dial Up The Perfect The Shot

With Pivo, you can easily select how you want your subject to frame — left, center or right. You can even customize the tracking speed and much more to ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

Here’s Why 300,000+ Creators Love Pivo:

5.0 star rating
V. Bastian‎
Verified Buyer

“Amazing Product - I Absolutely Love It!”

A friend of mine was using the Pivo Pod and after trying it for myself I absolutely loved it - so much so that I bought it for myself! The auto-tracking features are incredible and the product's design as well as the app's interface is easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their smartphone camera capabilities!

5.0 star rating
A. Alvarez‎
Verified Buyer

“Everyone Needs A Pivo- especially If You Use FaceTime”

First and foremost, everyone and anyone needs this product.

I create content for a living so I own all the bells and whistles, or so I thought. I have a tripod, I also have a remote for my DSLR but the Pivo is all in one. This device is tripod compatible, has voice command (perfect for pics and video if you're solo), bluetooth pairing and you can share.

All I need to create content now is my new iPhone and the pivo. I love that it has 360 rotation and also has the option for multiline stream which is fantastic if you want to connect with family since we are in quarantine.

It's well worth the money and has made my life easier. Definitely gifting my loved ones with a Pivo because I love mine so much!!

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

“This product is AMAZING! Truly A Game-Changer”

This product is AMAZING! Truly a game-changer for the dance/flow/performing arts community! If you're a content creator online specializing in dance, flow, cirque, really any kind of performance art, this product is such a great tool for recording and sharing your skill. Panning is smooth, auto focus is spot on, it really does exactly what it's meant to do! I use this tool every single time I record my flow, and when I'm not actually using it to record, it just hangs out on my tripod. I have also used the panoramic photo features and they work so well! Attach your phone and Pivo to a tripod and let it do it's thing. Smooth panning creates a seamless panorama. I can't say enough good things about the Pivo - if you're trying to decide whether or not to purchase this for your craft, take this as a sign!! You will not be sorry! 🙂

5.0 star rating
C. Schofield‎
Verified Buyer

“My Personal Videographer”

One of my friends recommended to me using the Pivo pod. This is a pretty new brand, so I was worried about it. But Pivo is absolutely the best product for me. This one is perfect for my personal blog video and is super easy to use. I don't have to wait for my timer to take a picture. and very light. I think this is also perfect to bring anywhere. and the best feature is the auto-tracking! very smooth. It feels like I have a personal videographer. I LOVE IT

Pivo Is Easy To Use For People Of All Ages!

No technical or editing experience needed.

step 1

Attach Your Phone

step 2

Hit Record

step 3

Do Your Thang!


Everything You Need To Create Amazing Content!

360° Rotation
Makes sure you’re always in frame
Video Effects
Upgrade your look with 12 effects
Auto Tracking
Makes sure you never miss the shot
Lightweight and compact

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try Pivo risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.


If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with Pivo, you can easily return it, hassle-free!


Pivo is proudly based in the United States of America.

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Our mission is to help millions of people tap into their creative side.

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